Fishing Report


May 19,2017: The area has seen a great amount of rain this week, most of the area streams are muddy and high, late yesterday some streams were clearing and became fishable. We are expecting some light showers today and should see a high around 50. winds should be around 10 to 15 mph out of the east. Saturday forcast is rain, thunderstorms posssible mainly in the afternoon. High 58F. winds E at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

Fishing has been good on large nymphs. bead head pheasant tails, large scuds. We saw our first hatch of PMD’s yesterday to bad the water was off color and the fish could not see them that is where a PT nymph worked well. Have a good time this weekend and remember to give your fellow angler room to fish, if you see another fisherman on the stream give them room or find another place to  fish, there are miles of streams out there so no need to fish where someone else is fishing.

April 26,2017: With all the rain last week most of the area streams where high and off color, that has all changed. Most of the area streams are still high but are now clear and fishable. This coming weekend should have good water conditions with caddis hatching both small black and tan caddis. Over around the Richland and Vernon Co. line the streams are seeing a mid day hatch of BWO’s. We have had the best fishing using a X-caddis trailed by a soft hackle emerger, most the fish have come on the emerger. If you do not see any flys hatching or laying eggs on the water still try the dry and emerger and you will still pick up fish. Good luck this weekend and have fun.

March 31,2017: Do not forget that you 2016 fishing license expires today and you will need a new one to fish this weekend. With all are recent rain you would think that the creeks would be high and off color,but guess what most of the creeks are running just a little hight but are clear. I am still seeing little black stoneflies from late morning until mid afternoon, I am also seeing a few BWO’s on over cast days ( which has been most of this week. My two top subsurface flys has been a gray scud and a size 16 PT euro nymph with a hot spot behind the bead. The weather looks good for this weekend so get out a fish.

March 22,2017: All the stream in the area should be looking good for this coming weekend, The weather for the next two days is calling for light rain, this should not effect the local streams for the coming weekend. Small BWO’s are still showing in the afternoon as long as there is no heavy winds, still seeing a few small Stoneflys. For subsurface try a scud or a size 16 bead head Pheasant tail.

March 18, 2017: The Spring Creeks  in Richland County are running clear . BWO’s and small stoneflys are coming off in the afternoon.


2017 Wisconsin Trout Fishing Season

2018 Trout Season:

January 6 - October 15

Warm Water Season:

May 5, 2018  thru March 3, 2019 (Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, & Walleye